The Development

Glistening slopes where dew hugs each blade of grass. Windows that open to the perfect sunrise every morning. Picturesque views much like a page out of fiction. That is how every new day begins at Bukit Banyan, the 520-acre elevated residential haven in Sungai Petani.

Gated & Guarded

Your personal abode, nestled in the safety of fully gated and guarded development with a single entry point and guard post to each precinct. Bukit Banyan offers you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Hill Park

A 25-acre Hill Park with 8 Edu Green and Edu Fun areas for endless hours of enjoyment. Where better to steal some time away from the rest of the world and focus on the ones you love, than somewhere up close to nature. 

Green Neighbourhood

Enjoy quiet evening strolls overlooking a scenic lake at the vast Promenade Park. Take your kids out to the numerous pocket parks available in every precinct. Bukit Banyan advocates a green and healthy lifestyle. 

The Lifestyle

Enjoy quiet evenings overlooking still waters. Scenic ponds that display the blue of the sky. Take in deep breaths of fresh air. Sit amongst lush greenery that calm the spirit and rest the soul. Then take in the view as golden streams of sunlight highlight the best of nature’s offering. Around every bend is the perfect setting for an encounter with nature.