Where modern and contemporary architecture blend seamlessly with nature’s own mesmerising works of art. A place so safe and secure that nothing comes between you and your peace of mind. Conceptualised and built on a 520-acre elevated land in Sungai Petani with a vast Hill Park designed for recreational pleasures, you can easily steal time away from the rest of the world and focus on the ones you love, at home up close to nature.

  • From leisure play parks to educational greens, the beautifully landscaped Hill Park is equipped with 8 thematic gardens for endless hours of enjoyment.

  • Learn about tropical plants that come with an incredible number of uses that go beyond shade and scenic beauty.

  • A landscaped area that invites afternoon picnics amidst a combination of shady trees and wide open spaces.

  • A space for children to lose themselves in games of hide and seek, within the tall, well-kept hedges that surround them.

  • A facility for the active child or teenager who finds enjoyment in exciting and challenging play parks.

  • A play area dedicated to toddlers and pre-schoolers for building castles in the sand and reaching for the skies on swings.

  • A family-oriented recreational area with fun games and activities that were inspired by nature.

  • Learn of the many plants that offer us various herbal benefits and discover exactly what they are good for.

  • An orchard so rarely found in urban centres that introduces the very trees that bear the fruits we so often enjoy.